A Multi-Disciplinary Preschool Program

LEAP Into School!® is a research-based, multi-disciplinary program that prepares preschoolers for kindergarten. Designed for children ages 3–5, LEAP Into School!® supports preschool children in the areas of language acquisition, pre-literacy, mathematics, science and social studies, fine and gross motor, and social and emotional skill development.

Real World Themes

LEAP Into School!® is a 40-week curriculum organized into 10 creative themes that will introduce children to the world around them.

  • Welcome to School!
  • All About Me
  • Fall
  • Community Helpers
  • Celebrations
  • Winter
  • Let’s Talk, Learn, and Sing
  • Spring
  • Animals
  • Let’s Go!

Flexible Instruction, Engaging Lessons

The LEAP Into School!® two-volume Teacher’s Instructional Guide includes weekly and daily lesson plans with whole-group and small-group center activities that make it easy to organize and implement daily instruction. Whole-day and half-day lessons have the flexibility to customize instruction and accommodate the learning needs of all children in the classroom, including English Language Learners and younger children.

Teaching Tools and Resources that Support and Extend Learning

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